Weird But Dangerous Hybridity Of Tick

Hybridity is a positive common denominator in 21st century commerce and life. When you hear that the latest model of your favorite automobile brand is a hybrid, you tend to feel good, don’t you? Because you’re always looking forward to saving more at the gallon and have your own concerns about the environment. You wish to do more to reduce your own carbon footprint. But as far as one unique species out of the animal kingdom is concerned, it is quite another matter.

Ticks are hybrid creatures, to be sure. They form an important part of the animal kingdom’s eco-systems. Watching nature documentaries, you will have seen avian species feeding off the backs of the much larger mammalian creatures. All they can hope to do is to swish the pests away with their hind tails. You will have noticed the vain attempts your wee pets have made in trying to extricate themselves from the bloodthirsty fangs of the termites.

While taking them to the vet to get inoculated, you’ll be shaking the pests down with tick control severna park. Interestingly enough, you will have now picked up that these dangerous creatures have fangs just like spiders do. And that’s interesting, because guess what, folks, ticks are from the same family of arachnids. And all along you thought they were insects. How confusing but in reality they are.

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Ticks are still insects. And they are arachnids as well. They are hybrid creatures, in other words. Science is weird at the best of times. Nature remains wonderfully awesome; don’t you think? But it can be dangerous at times. This is why pest control industries play such an important role in peri-urban societies that have ironically infringed on natural surroundings from whence these creatures came.